Gigi continues to create and develop new rhythmic methodologies that transcends her life experiences and creativeness.

Below are some of the innovations that she has created and continues to develop.

gigi new innovations Hipp-O

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Slipsong™ - Slipsong™ is a “melodic slip” when a person sings a song with lyrics of what is on their mind. It is a subconscious, spontaneous, outburst, of what is embedded in the persons mind. The lyrics of the song reflect what the person is thinking. The “melodic slip” creates a musical transparency of the person’s thoughts at that given moment.

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Hippopotamus Rhythm™ - Hippopotamus Rhythm™ is a music rhythm based on patterns of a five pulse beat (five subdivisions per downbeat). Its origin is based in a 4/4 time signature, but is not limited to it. In the 4/4 time signature, each beat (quarter note) receives 5 subdivisions and, as a result, each measure has 20 subdivisions (4 beats x 5 subdivisions).

Hippopotamus Rhythm™ :: sample by Gigi